A Review of the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod and Its Accessories

The Vandy Vape Xenon Turbo Mod is among several new vaporizer units from Vandy that are recently released. The company is primarily well known for their delicious and award winning gums. But the AEGis Boost Pod is a brand new concept. This innovative product utilizes a high-power lithium battery, which offers a longer lasting and powerful vapor experience. To know what makes it so special, you have to look at its components.

aegis boost pod mod

The vandy aegis boost has a digital electronic display located on the front. It has a dial that has four settings, which include a strong, medium, a mild and a weak atomizer. This mod features a dual-port stainless steel base and a replaceable glass screen. The body is made of a smooth, textured material that is not too rigid, yet not lightweight either.

The vandy aegis vaporizer incorporates a novel and extremely innovative technology called a “bioelectric charging system”. This unique charging system allows the aegis to produce a more intense vapor with a reduced amount of time. Vandy has claimed that users will experience a stronger and longer lasting vapor with this mod than with other models. They further explain that the low voltage output of the aegis turbo will allow users to enjoy a healthier lifestyle through using less electricity while enjoying a cooler and better-tasting cup of tea.

Another unique feature of the geekvape aegis series is the “intelligent battery life calculator”. The calculator can determine how long a user will last by measuring how much power was used up during a brew session. It is also equipped with a backup function that can be used in case the batteries are not recharged within a certain period of time. Users can also keep track of their progress with an optional display screen.

One of the most unique features of the aegis boost pod mod is its ability to charge a phone via its charging base. This is designed to allow a cell phone to be used as a charger on a device that does not have a built-in rechargeable battery. A charging base is built into the unit so that a user does not need to purchase a separate device for the battery. Some devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry do not have built-in batteries so users may have to purchase a separate adapter in order to use a charger on these devices.

An additional feature of the aegis boost pod mod comes in the form of a clock. This unit uses a sensor to detect the user’s age. When the user is considered too young or too old, the unit will display a message on the screen indicating the current age. This is a great way to make sure that a user does not buy a mod that is too powerful for them since overcharging could drastically shorten battery life. The clock can be personalized to show a user’s name or a custom message.

The last major feature of this mod is the Airflow Dial. This part of the aegis boost pod mod allows users to adjust the air flow and power consumption of a device while they are charging it. If a person finds that they need more power but are not ready to purchase a separate amp, the airflow dial can be used as a power source to supply the extra energy. This feature allows a user to have a higher wattage, yet lower power consumption when they are charging their devices.

The aegis boost pod mod and its various accessories are perfect for anyone who wants to build quality devices. These vaporizers are made of high quality materials that stand up to the heat and pressure of a single charge. They are also available with a variety of features and a wide price range, so a person can select a model that best fits their needs.

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