AEGIS Boost – A New Vaper’s Vaporizer

aegis boost

The Geek Vape aegis boost is a powerful air cooler. It is a great alternative to the standard Aromatherapy Handheld Aromatherapy Cushion. It comes with a built in battery pack that can be charged while you use your air cooler. It has an advanced temperature control, variable speed fan, dual fan speed control, and auto shut off. The best part is it has a nine-volt rechargeable battery.

This awesome vaporizer by GeekVape allows you to adjust the power and speed of your vaporizer without turning it on and off like a traditional vaporizer would require. This unit is rechargeable, shockproof, waterproof, and it’s also perfect for almost any situation. Some of the features it comes with are: adjustable airflow control, variable speed fan, dual speed fan, temperature alarm, and auto shut off. The vaporizer by GeekVape AEGIS Boost has a nine-volt rechargeable battery that will last you up to thirty minutes.

This vaporizer by GeekVape AEGIS Boost is one of two starter kits for the AEGIS system. The other kit, the Vandy Vaporizer, is a larger model that is a lot more powerful. Both of these coolers have stainless steel bases and unique front plates. There are a total of eight parts to this vaporizer. They are the following:

This is included in the AEGIS Boost package. The aegis pod system comes complete with one aegis per tank. This is a convenient system because you can easily swap out your tanks to create a different flavor experience. The aegis coils have an expanded surface area compared to other similar systems.

This is the vaporizer in the AEGIS Boost package along with a drip glass holder and a push button remote. This unit is the most expensive of all the kits. You have the option of a triple, continuous flavor push button remote or a double continuous flavor remote. The base of the jackaroo pod kit is made from black plastic, which does make it a little different then the other vaporizers. The base and drip glass holder of the jackaroo pod kit have clear acrylic veneers.

This is the commonest place people purchase the GeekVape AEGIS Boost kit. It is a common occurrence when looking at forums online to see where people bought their system. One place that is common is Amazon. The box contains the components of the AEGIS Boost, a USB cable, a silicone skin to cover the wires and a silicone sleeve to place the stainless steel air flow coil. The outer covering has a hole in the middle for your finger to insert a screwdriver through and turn the screw clockwise.

The AEGIS Boost has a nice looking green circular cap that has two metal prongs at the bottom side. The air flow tube stretches out and looks like a round ring. On the other side, you can see the adjustable airflow control knobs which are situated at the top of the air flow nipple. There is also a plastic tab near the bottom of the aegis kit, which allows you to pull it down to expose the spring loaded rubber seal.

To use the vaporizer, you first install the silicone band around the mouthpiece and screw in the air flow adjustment buttons. Then you plug in the power cord and set up the volume controls on your computer. You should hear a beep. Then you set the time and date where you would like your vaporizer to start at. Press the Adjustable airflow button to start the system and wait a couple of seconds until the coils are fully charged. Turn it on and enjoy your new AEGIS!

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