AEGIS Boost Podcast Mod – A Great AEGi Mod For Any Airsoft Player

aegis boost pod mod

Among the many superior vaporizers on the market today, the VandyVape aegis boost Pod Mod is hands down the best. With that being said, a lot of vaporizer reviews are stating the same thing. With the aegis boost pod mod, a lot of what used to be a difficult task has been reduced to a few minutes of operation. All that remains is to pick out your flavors, load up your tank, and enjoy.

The new, improved AEGIS Boost Pod mod by Geekvape takes portable vaporizing to a whole new level. With a large internal battery and a wide variety of powerful flavors, you can experience the smoothest vapor and incredible flavor creation in a portable vaporizer that takes up less space than a regular bowl. With that being said, the Geekvape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod is also dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, which makes it one of the more durable vaporizers on the market today. The AEGIS Boost Pod mod features an internal 1,500a battery and is equipped with a microchip, allowing it to take a licking and keep on ticking.

As far as power and performance, the aegis boost vaporizer by Geekvape beats all other vaporizers on the market hands down. This mod features a dual high-performance atomizer and a dual battery charger that will give you a long range of battery life and a powerful output of vapor. It also comes with a new vaporizer plate that increases efficiency by allowing for a larger surface area for cooling. The new vaporizer plate is also extremely lightweight, being only three ounces in weight.

One of the best features of the aegis boost pro is the universal voltage adapter. This allows you to use any battery type in any vaporizer or power source. This versatility goes far beyond the ability to use any brand of batteries, including power cells. You can get a powerful aegis with a low wattage battery but a low voltage adapter so that you don’t have to worry about a dead battery. You can mix and match the different power sources so that you never run out of juice or never need to change a battery.

The aegis pump has a built in variable airflow system. Using the airflow control you can set the amount of airflow at which your device will run. This is ideal for someone that does not want their aegis to run all day long because their battery life is short. If you are only going to use your aegis a few minutes a day then a lower wattage bulb would be better. However, if you are going to use your aegis for extended time periods, then a higher-wattage bulb would be better to give your aegis a chance to reach full strength.

One of the coolest features on the aegis Boost Pod mod is the ability to adjust the strength of the airflow. You can adjust it from a low-powered level to a super powerful level depending on how you feel like vaporizing. If you want a strong hit, just flip the knob and let the warm air out. If you would like a softer hit, simply flip the dial a bit. The aegis will know exactly which setting to hit so you won’t overheat your processor.

The aegis boosting kit includes a variable wattage air processor, a 40w processor, two different bulbs, and an instructional booklet. You can purchase this entire kit along with the pod mod or buy separately. The advantage to purchasing the whole kit is that it comes with a 40w transmitter and an aegis boosting board. The disadvantage is that the whole kit makes your processor a bit too heavy for some users. Some aegis users have complained about the battery life of the aegis boosting kit but I personally found it to be very powerful.

In conclusion, the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod really is a great little compatible device. It gives a lot of bang for your buck, since you can adjust the power and speed of the blower without having to modify the chips inside of your AEG. The best thing you can do is to simply use it with a regular AEG and make sure you are using a battery life test to ensure you are not draining your battery before you even have a chance to get a shot done. If you are considering aegis and want to add a little something to it, than the aegis boosting kit is a great way to add a little more punch to your weapon.

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