Aegis Boost Review – Mod Your E-Liquid With A Aegis Boost Kit

The newest release from VandyVape, the AEGIS Boost, is being manufactured in order to provide a new, more streamlined and reliable method of using vapor compression technology for your own personal use. All of the standard components on the AEGIS Boost are still present, but they are now in a new package, including a new lightweight tube, which is easier to utilize than their older tubes. The new tube is also more effective and has a much longer heating time. These changes allow for a much cooler electronic component that is more efficient at heating and regulating the air. This is all combined into a completely new look and feel, which is sure to please even the most frugal of vapers.

aegis boost

With the AEGIS Boost, the standard wattage is at sixty-five watts. But as a new product, VandyVape reduced the wattage by twenty-two percent, to fifty-three watts. This is mainly due to the fact that they are now manufacturing a version of the AEGIS Boost with a dual-wattage mode, instead of just staying at sixty-five watts. The new AEGIS Boost kit comes with two individual tanks: one for low wattage e-liquid and another for higher wattage e-liquid. With this upgrade, users are getting sixty-five watts and three channels with a total of eleven flavors, along with a variable wattage control.

With the aegis boost, users have a choice between getting either a black aegis boost or a red aegis boost. Both come in three distinct colors: blue for the original, red for the red version, and a third color, called the purple version. However, the original aegis boost is available in a red version, but it is only available in a single flavor: coffee. The new aegis boost has a twist, though: it comes with a side-fill method, instead of a built-in reservoir.

Like the original aegis boost, the new product also utilizes the rdta coil. What separates the two, however, is that the aegis boost incorporates a new double Coil spring. This increases both the power and the efficiency of VandyVape’s own creation: the GeekVape rdta. The new double Coil spring helps to maximize the stability of the airflow through the coils, while decreasing resistance.

Like the aegis boost, the geekvape it comes with two separate tanks: one for low-wattage e-liquid, and one for higher-wattage liquid. Inside the tank of the rta there is a pre-installed adjustable amp fuse, a gold-capped wattage fuse, a copper strip for terminal protection, and a user-accessible control panel. This control panel can be found on the underside of the tank. The user simply swaps the wattage and selects a favorite flavor by clicking a simple button.

The aegis kit also includes a plastic ring with a hole where the wattage and wire can be inserted, as well as a reusable drip tip. With the aegis kit, it is possible to replace or repair the wires without having to cut out any of the coils. Some other minor differences are available, including a stainless steel snap-on cap for the wire feeder, a small front tab for the battery door, and a leak-proof seal around the tubing to help prevent leaks.

Like the aegis boost, the geekvape it is an easy way to build your own portable battery, and it is compatible with the V2 and V3 batteries that are commonly used to power an electric vehicle. This means that you no longer need to purchase an expensive charger or battery for your e-liquid, nor do you have to worry about buying or stocking up on batteries when you are traveling. This is a great thing for those who like to travel and really enjoy the taste of their new electronic juices. Even better, you can use the jackaroo pod kit to quickly transform any empty or partially full bottle of RTA into a fully functional one, since the RTA bottles are compatible with all varieties of RTA conversions.

Like the aegis boost, the jackaroo pod kit for the e-liquid allows you to easily convert empty bottles of RTA into fully functional ones with the click of a button. The only difference is that this conversion kit comes with pre-installed RTA coils so that you do not need to cut or modify the existing wires in order to convert the bottle. However, you will need to install the screws to fasten the unit in the correct location, as well as to screw the jackaroo coils onto the outer casing. The included instructions are easy to follow, and the entire process only takes a few minutes.

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