Exciting day, origin of World VAPE Day

May 30 is the World Day to vape. It is a technology Appreciation Day which has helped millions of people to stay away from tobacco fuel, and a celebration of the people who fight for smokers to access these livesaving products. It is also intended to raise awareness about the relative safety of vaping and convince smokers to try to reduce the damage tobacco (THR) with a spray bottle.

World Day vape came a day before the World Organization for World No Tobacco Day Health snuff, snuff control international events on May 31, which is used to focus on educating the public on the effects harmful of tobacco consumption, but it has become a festival opposition to lower risk nicotine products like fried that challenge the dominance of cigarettes.

Users of nicotine in the world deserve alternative low risk of smoking, but in dozens of countries, these options are denied to them by severe restrictions or outright bans. Earlier this week, La Union, one of many international organizations, nonprofit powerful involved in tobacco control, announced that it advocates “the prohibition of the sale of electronic cigarettes … low- intermediate (LICs), home to more than 80 percent of smokers in the world. ”

Vapers in India are preparing to celebrate May 30 #WorldVapeDay Join us to demand our right to health and choice. To learn more, visit: https://t.co/2RqD1iSDqi. https://t.co/h5ryfDPeXT

– AVI (@vapeindia) May 27, 2020
WHO, Union, Campaign for Snuff organizations without children and other public and private claims the ban nicotine and abstinence are the only solutions to the death and disease caused by smoking. But also they count on smoking and the tobacco industry to survive. Without an opponent who can claim is indomitable Goliath would have no reason to be. Indeed, governments that represent the real power of tax-hungry and the collective weight of the establishment of public health and are backed by billions in health pharmaceutical donations and corporations and philanthropists New Puritans as the former mayor New York Michael Bloomberg.

powerful organizations who want to refuse nicotine low-risk products to smokers in the world, aided by the politicians and the media are indifferent unfortunately exactly what treaties nicotine consumer advocates on a daily basis. Proceedings of the Vape World Day and website are processed by member groups of nicotine International Organizations Network (INNCO) and a number of other consumer groups.

More than 40 consumer organizations around the world participate and speak vapers in dozens of languages ​​from all continents. You must not be part of an organized group to get involved much. One day will provide an outlet for ordinary consumers everywhere Vaping to push against the denial of their right to harm reduction.

Because pandemic coronavirus, there will be no demonstrations or public meetings for the World Day vape. Although there will be press conferences and events that occur in streaming pages of Facebook and YouTube, the real action happens on Twitter, where vapers and vaping advocates already have a strong presence.

Twitter is the best known platform for the defense, and will be the main goal, but if you feel more comfortable with Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, which can help Illuminate these applications with vaping professional wisdom. Otherwise, you could write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. What matters is that vapers in all countries in which it is involved and vocal vaping.

An important goal is to make the overall trend #WorldVapeDay hashtag on Twitter. To this end, the site of the World Day vape has an excellent page on Twitter VAPERS advice (including how to start a Twitter account). It has a number of pre-loaded tweets, tweeting tips on how (and retweets) for maximum impact, and some consumer advocacy groups to follow on Twitter. (Be sure to follow us on the World Day vape too!)

If you have not followed (and joined) consumer groups in their countries, it is the perfect time to visit. Vape World Day is the perfect opportunity for socially isolated vapers to meet and help each other connect with people and organizations that exist to represent. Vapers know if you do not engage with the community, encourage them to participate and join their group of consumers. We require all participants to fully activate the movement of THR.

Since we hope to be noticed by the world on Saturday, ranting in vaping known enemies, particularly the use of profanity, it probably should be avoided. Similarly for a political party or insult his opponents. We try to attract new followers, provoke interest in our case and convince the skeptics to participate in ways that lead to better understanding, not to scare people away from us for shouty or mobbing.

WHO should understand that there is a process called visual thinking. What is the message that children and adolescents receive this picture?

– K. Farsalinos (@FarsalinosK) May 28, 2020
Meanwhile, the World Day vape exists in part as a counterpoint to the World No Snuff, using our own hashtags opponents in our Vape positive messages can be a powerful way to attract attention. In fact, the intention is that the global spread vape world without snuff day Day on Sunday with vapers try to hack WHO official hashtags. Imagine if tweets highest rank top official on Sunday using the hashtags # and WNTD #TobaccoExposed WNTD2020 are messages that promote vaping!

A final note on the world’s materials without snuff WHO social media includes a set of photographs of very young children smoking and vaping. Use caution retweet these images. Aptly draw attention to the tactics of the scary emission accident seven years of smoking is one thing, but sharing time and again given more authority and attention they deserve. If you have time, try to share tweets vaping opponents as screenshots, instead of giving them the added benefit of algorithmic retweet.

If we #WorldVapeDay hashtag trend, the trolls show laughing at us and try Vapers the cause, in short, doing things crankbait. Ignore. Maintain a positive attitude and tell your story, tweets or share other vapers. retweet tweets using popular hashtags #WorldVapeDay #SayYesToTHR and increase its reach and influence. In response to trolls only increases the authority of the troll on Twitter.

This is a time for vapers to see, to our message, to tell the truth to power, and to find new friends and allies. World Day vape has serious effects show that vapers are not discouraged or silenced by rich soldiers masquerading drugs as agents of public health, to attract smokers to a safer way of using nicotine, and to inform the public why freezer and why they should support our right to do so. But it will be a lot of fun.

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