Relx Phantom Kit – Things To Know

The relx phantom liquid rub is the perfect blend of sweet chocolate and aromatic spices. The complex flavor discovered in the laboratory combines delicate nuances of raspberry and banana notes. The taste is almost fruity – like a raspberry ice cream. The consistency is very light and sweet, the aroma is subtle but stimulating, and the aftertaste is satisfying. When you need a good reason to smoke another bowl, this could be it!

relx phantom kit


The relx pods are easy to use with the pre-measured charcoal and lighter fluid. The kit comes with three containers: one with a premade pack of seven ounces of product, one measuring teaspoon of the product and three of the small refillable jars with varying strengths of flavorings, including strawberry and peach tea. The flavors can also be added to the premade packets or prepared by the individual using the kit. Simply add the product into the appropriate jar and light.


The biggest downside to the relx phantom is the potential to inadvertently overdosing. Each time you put one in, take one out, and then try to drink the mixture. The concentrated flavors are supposed to give you a bigger hit; unfortunately this can still result in an accidental overdose. Many have compared the taste to drinking a triple sec in a large glass of milk, but without the milk.


If you are considering trying this product, you may want to keep these few tips in mind. While the relx phantom definitely has a higher nicotine content than most cigarettes, it isn’t excessive. The average smoker will be able to feel a significant difference between the first puff and the last. Some users have reported that their first and last pulls don’t even register any nicotine at all. It’s a consistent smoking experience.


This type-c usb ignition provides the user with the highest vapor pressure of any vaporizer on the market. The starter kit comes with three pre-filled jars with different strengths of flavorings, which increases your versatility as a consumer. You can select the strength you need based on your personal flavor preference. With the pre-filled jars, there is no need to worry about measuring out the exact amount, since the kit includes the exact amount. It is easy to use, and it will save you money in the long run.


One of the biggest drawbacks of this product is that it doesn’t provide you with a consistent taste each time you use it. Some smokers find it to be too strong. The vapor produced is also not very flavorful, which can be frustrating for new users who aren’t used to getting such an incredible quit smoking sensation. Overall, the biggest downside of the relx phantom kit is that you could unknowingly overdosing on it every time you use it, since it has such a huge potential to give you an incredible hit of nicotine.


In order to make sure you aren’t accidentally overdosing on the relx phantom device kit, it is strongly recommended that you only use it with other products that don’t contain nicotine. If you do decide to mix your own drinks with this unit, make sure they are also sugar free products. As always, you should consult with your physician prior to mixing any medication or altering your dietary habits in any way. There have been reports of serious health consequences caused by improperly combining medications and food products.


Overall, this is a great electronic device that allows you to easily quit smoking without the hassles associated with other methods. By not having thoseravings, you can focus on living your normal life while kicking your nicotine habit for good. While the relx phantom pod system kit compatible can be quite expensive, it is worth every penny because you will never again have those urges or other negative thoughts. You can also get a sense of accomplishment when you are done completely quitting smoking. Since the kit comes with a pre-filled e-liquid capacity, you can be sure that you will never run out of ways to enjoy your new freedom.

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