The Aegis Boost Pod Mod Can Help You Save On Power

The Vandy Vape Titan Pod Mod is probably one of the latest vaporizers produced by Vandy. The company is mainly known for their high-quality and flavor-filled gum. However, the new geekvape aegis boost series is a bit different than the last couple of vaporizers from Vandy. They are making two different models, each of which has a completely different purpose. You’ll be able to buy either the Vandy Vape Turbo Pod or the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Pod Mod.

aegis boost pod mod

The internal battery of these vaporizers are completely different. The aegis boost pro comes with a built in battery, while the aegis boost works with the use of a USB cable. Both of these external batteries can be used at the same time, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice when you need it the most. Just use the USB cable when you need a burst of power to complete a task that requires a large amount of energy. The external battery on the other hand is used mostly to charge the internal battery.

One thing that sets the aegis vaporizers apart from the rest is the fact that they are completely water-proof and completely safe for anyone to use. While the aegis boost may not work as well in a humid or moist area as the original vandy vaporizer, it is safe to say that this model is extremely durable and versatile. If you enjoy vaporizing from a warm room, you will want to consider the aegis boost. It’s also a good idea to know that this particular model does not use a plastic bowl. Instead, the bowl is made out of stainless steel that allows the bowl to be cleaned easily.

The aegis boost pod mod has a lot of handy features, but the main reason why people choose it over other similar models is because of the adjustable airflow dial. With a regular vaporizer, a person is limited on the amount of vapor they can make with every inhale. When using a portable unit, like the vandy vaporizer from Provo Craft, a person is often left with a wet tasting hit and little to no vapor production at all. When adjusting the airflow dial on the aegis boost, you can get a more consistent temperature and increase the amount of vapor produced. This feature alone can save a person a lot of money by improving their overall product quality.

Another great thing about this product is that it has a built-in battery life. A lot of devices like the vandy vaporizer from Provo Craft need a plug to be connected to a power source. The aegis boost pod mod instead uses a standard rechargeable battery to allow for extended use. This means that a person does not have to worry about changing a battery as much, which can reduce the amount of stress a person feels while using the device.

One of the things that most users love about the aegis boost pod mod is that it uses a high quality silicone material. Silicone is a great material to use because it is a very flexible material, but it is also a very strong material. The aegis boost is a prime example of a silicone product that uses a good amount of heat in order to seal in the moisture inside of the unit. The high quality silicone makes the device last longer, and a good thing to know for anyone that wants long lasting units.

When a person looks at the specifications of the aegis boost pro, they will notice a couple of different options that are available. They can choose between a low wattage system, a medium wattage system, and a high wattage system. The low wattage system will operate for around thirty minutes before a user will need to turn the amp up, but the medium wattage system is able to produce sixty-five watts, and the high wattage system can produce a little over one hundred and fifty watts. The aegis boost pod mod uses a constant eighteen wattage output, so a person will never need to worry about running out of power, which is always a concern with electronic devices.

The aegis boost pod mod also has two ways to charge the unit. One way is through a USB port on the computer. Another way is by using a rechargeable battery. Both options are very convenient, but the rechargeable battery life is usually not as long. A person may find that they will need to purchase a new battery if they do not recharge the unit frequently.

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