The Complete Guide to VOOPOO Vacuum Cigarettes

VOOPOO portable phones have been in the market for several years now. They are available in a wide range of colours and designs. The company claims that their VOOPOO phone is easy to use and has advanced features like a virtual SIM card, easy-to-read LCD screen, push-button power key, etc. All these and more are available under the name VOOPOO. So, what do you need to know about VOOPOO phones and their accessories?

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VOOPOO VINNI 2 Kit comes with two VOOPOO VINNI cartridges, which are visible and adopt side filling method for fastener. It’s compatible with all PnP-series of Coils. With 1500 mah rechargeable batteries, it can fulfill your everyday use comfortably. There is also an in-built charger, which helps in connecting the phone to the charger for over 16 hours, even when the battery is at rest mode.

VOOPOO RVG Kit comes with a smart mode, VOOPOO RVG Auto Charger and an in-built AM/FM radio. The VOOPOO RVG Auto Charger gives a charge within four hours of plugging in and has a long-time auto recharge. The VOOPOO RVG Auto Charger has two modes: low wattage and high wattage. It can be connected to the RV’s power outlet or be used on its own.

VOOPOO Pod Attachments attaches with the VOOPOO 2 Kit in order to give you additional convenience while traveling. You can choose the attachment according to the model of your VOOPOO. The attachment can be used for mp3 player or portable player such as the ipod and mini cd, and they are compatible with any VOOPOO model.

VOOPOO X 27mm Wireless Adapter Connector connects the VOOPOO to wireless speakers like Bluetooth headsets, portable music players and mobile phones. You can enjoy hands-free communication with other VOOPOO users. The wireless adapter works on any VOOPOO device including the x 27mm that is specifically manufactured for VOOPOO devices. The VOOPOO wireless adapter uses 2.4 GHz band to communicate with the Bluetooth gadgets and has a radio tuner that enables it to receive and transmit signals even in places where cell phone signal is weak.

Cig Vaporizers and Modules The third section of accessories are the collection of VOOPOO Cigarettes. They are available in a range of sizes and flavours and are particularly suitable for the smokers who want to quit cigarettes. These cigarettes are manufactured by the renowned international brands such as Villaware and Jopen. The vapors produced from these cigarettes are expected to have zero harmful components. Some papers are also found to be allergic to cigarette smoke and use the cigarettes as an alternative.

Accessories for Sale Among the most popular types of accessories in the market are the varieties of replacement coils and tanks. Most of the vapers prefer the tanks manufactured by VOOPOO because they are made to ensure that there are no leaks in the vapor. However, some of the vapers are not able to tolerate the taste of these tanks and prefer to use the replacement coils manufactured by VOOPOO.
Replacements Vioops Modules If you prefer to use only one type of mod, then there are available VOOPOO original vincis kit which includes the screws, wires and adhesives required for attaching the mod. You can choose any of the three options – the magnetic cell mod, water proof or battery operated. The instructions manual and the warranty card are provided with these kits. However, for VOOPOO’s original vincis series, it is advisable to purchase the starter kit and use it with the starter port first.

Replacement Coils There are a number of choices available for the coils in the vinci series. The best performing coils are the 0.15 ohm coils. In most of the cases, a larger coil will yield better results. The heating element is then connected to the 0.15 ohm coil. The resistance value is then measured and the maximum wattage value is set based on this value.

Vaporizer Kits Many people find it difficult to build a portable vaporizer without the help of VOOPOO kits. These kits come with all the necessary accessories required for the construction of the unit such as the glass vessel, electrical power supply, quartz tubing, silicone sealing ring and the pod chamber. The pod is made from safe silicone rubber, which reduces the chances of damage to the vaporizer when filled with nicotine or herbal extracts. The vaporizer has two settings which can be changed with the touch of a button – low heat and medium heat respectively.

The VOOPOO V linco vacuum system comes with a two kit which is useful for the users. The first kit consists of a built-in battery which gives extended shelf life. It also has a large dual display with green and red lights that indicate power on/off. The second kit comes with an adapter that connects to the mains to recharge the battery.

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