The US President’s proposed ban on vAPE flavours has come under fire

The proposal of President Trump to ban all flavors e-cigarette has been questioned by health activists who say he could see millions go back to smoking.

The US president announced Wednesday that the government Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would launch “very strong recommendations” to force all sales of flavored vape juice, other than tobacco, be withdrawn from the market.

Critics say, however, that the announcement of Trump is a reflex reaction to the appearance of a severe respiratory illness in the United States, which is attributed to vaping. However, many of the hospitalized were admitted to vaping a range of substances and marijuana products and do-it-yourself breaststroke, not regulated product.

Trump, however, said his proposed ban is to fight against teenage vaping and FDA will now develop guidelines to remove all the flavors of the sale, which have been blamed for encouraging young people to vape.

The proposed restrictions are not applicable to vaping nicotine products, which are regulated by the FDA, and will be subject to public consultation before entering into force.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said: “It will take several weeks for us to make the final direction will announce all the parameters around the enforcement policy, and there will probably be a period of 30 days at the effective date, as is customary “. But “at that time all the other flavored e-cigarettes as tobacco aroma should be withdrawn from the market. ”

E-cigarette companies that manufacture tobacco-flavored products would be able to file for FDA approval on May 20. While these produce flavors can also file, but their products would then be withdrawn from the market until approved.

The FDA has considered a ban on flavor, but chose not to and instead watched how the flavors in the vaping products have helped adults to quit cigarettes.
US President Gregory Conley Vaping Association reiterated that vaping flavors is responsible for helping millions of adults leave – and continue to stay away – cigarettes.

He said: “A ban on removing life-changing options in the market that have been used by several million American adults to quit smoking.

“In the history of the United States, prohibition has never worked. It did not work with alcohol. He has not worked with marijuana. It will not work with e-cigarettes “.

The FDA law change project has also been criticized by the industry and public health experts are also concerned former smokers who have managed to move away from tobacco with the flavors – including fruit and candy – could return to old habits.

There is also a risk even illegal – and potentially dangerous – goods are flooding the black market.

Scientists and researchers who studied how the flavors Vape are associated with Quitting cigarettes panned movement Trump administrations, calling it “very bad idea”.

Peter Hajek, a Queen Mary University of London researcher who led a recent study on the role of vaping in smoking cessation explained: “Although most smokers start by the tobacco flavored e-liquid, they often go to other flavors, often with fruit and sweet flavors. in our tests, quitters used mostly fruit flavors “.

Trump told reporters at the announcement of the White House that his training for the ban was because he wanted to protect children against vaping, including his son, aged 13, Barron.

Federal law currently prohibits e-cigarettes and all other tobacco sales to under 18.

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