The Use Of Smok-18 Mod Scar For Comments A Day After

Smok box mods have long been among the most popular and innovative on the market. Their combination of rapid cooking chipsets, dual 18650 battery capacity and excellent tanks were one of the most popular ways to VAPE high ejuices.The Scar VG-18 is the newest addition to its line. Continuing the tradition Smok, the updates are incremental but still useful smok squonk mod. And of course, there is a whole new reservoir to go with the Smok Scar-18.

But since the power and eJuice, potential box mods seems to have been reached. While 200 watt more once seemed impossible to obtain, it has been the norm for some time. And Wile there are mods that are also compatible with larger batteries 21700, it appears that the industry is installed in 18650s, and two of them as the norm.

Smok Mods were churning 220 to 230 watts of power for years now, and there’s really no practical reason for a lot of power more. Although there are subohm tanks that work to more than 100 watts, even cloud chasers usually VAPE wattage at the top and two bottom three settings figure.
As mod is as good as his tank, there’s really no reason for huge mods four batteries with output of over 300 watts. With these limitations in place, which are in the game part by the human lung capacity when chasing cloud, it does not seem much room for improvement. And where it is true that three years old Alien mod can make the new Smok tanks with ease, it is not strictly accurate. The new Smok Scar-18 has a number of intelligent and useful improvements that make it a worthy addition to the collection of any vaper.

A quick glance at the Smok Scar-18 seems to be the typical modern mod Smok. It has a large and easy to use screen, colored inlays and is paired with a subohm tank. But there is more to Scar 18 mod meets the eye.
The inlays are made of leather and metal. Not only does this give the Scar-18 a more chic look, it facilitates grip when wet. And this brings us to perhaps the greatest feature of all. The Smok Scar-18 is certified IP67 waterproof and dustproof. This means not only will not work its way dust in the device, compromising its longevity, but it can bear to be immersed for half an hour in water between one centimeter and one meter deep . More relevant is that this means there is spill-resistant and can be cleaned.

18650 powered by two batteries, the scar-18 has a maximum output of 230 watts. It has four built in ways to maximize the flavor compared to the production of clouds, or you can handle your own setting with color OLED screen.

The Smok Scar-18 has a new chip IQ-X, which makes efficient use of battery power and a time of rapid fire of lightning.

No box mod kit is complete without a quality adv vape subohm tank. And apparently not Smok Mod is complete with a new tank and coil assembly. While this may make things confusing, the new tank Smok TFV9 on Scar-18 has a refined selection of reels, a refreshing change from the almost impenetrable list of Smok coils is famous for offering.

The Smok TFV9 uses a design bulb glass pyrex which holds an impressive 6.5ml of eJuice and 28mm in diameter. With great fill slot and adjustable air flow, it is very easy to use and extremely reliable. So far it has not proven prone to leakage, a blow against some perceived Smok previous models.

The coil is exceptional. A coil 0.15ohm mesh works best between 40 and 90 watts. This is exactly the power range looking like 100w, more clouds have also worked a bit stiff for my liking and I prefer closer to 50watts as my power level.

Despite the airflow up wide, the reservoir includes a closure cap childproof which is easy to handle, but it seems relatively effective for its intended purpose. The screw connector is gold plated for extra durability.

Performance scar Smok-18 has been improved vaporizergiant compared to its predecessors, but his biggest claim to fame is being waterproof and TFV9 new tank. Both are great reasons to upgrade, especially if you are looking for a new design of the tank. While it is only an incremental improvement over its stablemates, it is still a very impressive bit of kit.

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