Vape Sales Market: Compete For Market Share In Japan

Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco struggle for supremacy on the Japanese market smokeless tobacco products heating them. “I like the uniqueness of the new product,” said Three products, one Dovpo Basium Squonk of the markets one Japanese consumer. a product that seems to have everything?

Given the fact that Asia is the birthplace of modern electronic cigarettes, it is not surprising that the two giants of the tobacco industry fight the Japanese market. However, three is a party. Therefore, a local competitor of Japan joined the race.

The three products that aim to dominate Japan and crown the best-sellers are:

IQOS (Philip Morris International, 9980 Yen)
Glo (British American Tobacco, 8,000 Yen)
PloomTECH (Japan Tobacco, 4,000 Yen)

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What traits of the three products is that they are heat-not-burn device because they heat tobacco instead of burning it. When it comes to these devices, there is no combustion, which means no harmful chemicals that emit smoke. As the FDA states, the last step to add more harmful chemicals to cigarettes is lighting it. It is no wonder then that the companies mentioned aimed at the Japanese market, boasting of their technology and the concept of healthy living.

What distinguishes the three products, in addition, to price it? You, Dovpo Nickel, can only take in about 100 locations PloomTECH having booked online. Despite capturing at least a share of the market, this product does not appeal to Japan because it really does not have an odor. On the other hand, Glo is available in more than 8,000 stores around Tokyo. IQOS can be obtained in 25 national markets, and apparently the most successful products. According to its users, PloomTECH not taste like tobacco at all, Glo tastes better, while IQOS still seems to be the most widely consumed of the group.

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Regardless of where the product will Dovpo Topside win, what is important in this story is that Japan has recognized both the health and profitability, the importance of combating smoking. Noted, USA.

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