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SMOK has introduced new unique concept ” ArcGazer “. This new device which can be used for any smart phone in different brand. This is truly amazing as there are no limitations in using this smart phone as it can be used anywhere, any time. No more need to bring charger and coin or change phone batteries when you travel. Simply just take it out from the bag or pocket and use it at your convenience.

SMOK Arc fox consists of powerful mod device and ArcGazer combo,which built of flexible silicone and tough leather and metal shell for elegant and delicate. SMOK Arc fox is powered by two internal rechargeable batteries,it is a high-power dual-tone box mod with an output of 230 watts that provides both VW and TC modes and a quick charge. It has got a smooth control and has an efficient efficiency. At same time it has got a long lasting battery, lasting for up to one month.

SMOK has made it really easy for users to install this innovative smart phone kit. First of all you have to remove the SMOK tank from your phone, then place the SMOK Arc fox coil in between the battery’s contact plate. You can simply place the coil on the plate in any position you desire. Then put the screws in between and then you can turn the SMOK Shield off. In this way you can now connect the other coils in your series.

The second thing is to plug in the Shield, Power and volume keys of the phone. Turn the phone on and then place the SMOK Fire key on the SMOK Arc fox coil and then snap the silicone seal on. In this way you can now use your new SMOK kit. Then go to the ui settings and you can change the value of the SMOK kit. You can change it according to your preference, according to your choice of fire screen and according to your choice of coil color.

The third important step is to set up your personal computer with windows. Download the firmware file and also copy the original firmware image to your computer. On your desktop open the SMOK Fire key usb and click to paste the firmware image. Change the values and click save.

Set up your personal computer and then turn on, you can connect the coil’s tab to the valve of your airbox. Turn the power to it on and open the SMOK Fire key assembly. Place the SMOK Arc fox coil inside and then snap the silicone seal and close it. It is now ready for usage. You can adjust its setting according to your preference, you can turn on and off the voltage by turning a wheel, you can choose between VW or ESN variable wattage by changing the respective notch of your SMOK kit.

The SMOK Firepower kit provides the optimum solution for your vaporizing needs with the features of dual battery bank. This kit features dual SMOK batteries (sold separately) that can be used in the vaporizer and the LED flashlight. These two special batteries are designed to produce different voltages hence, giving you the power to vaporize your favorite e-juice flavors.

The best part about the SMOK brand is that it is rechargeable. You can easily change the temperature of your SMOK kit and can even select from two settings: low and medium. It features dual battery bank with a NiCad (or nickel cadmium) battery. You can utilize it for vaporizing any of your favorite e-juice brands. You can even purchase a charger from SMOK itself and recharge your new dual 18650 batteries whenever you need.

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