Vaporizers For Your Efficient G Vapor System

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is an upgrade to the original award winning RDA. The all new V2 version has a larger cooling fan for more stable and cooler temperatures for your desktop vaporizer. With a larger fan you can also use it to overclock your RDA without worrying about overheating. It also has two adjustable airflow levels with the side plates being glass to help prevent breakage and airflow restriction.


The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA is equipped with a high performance processor and advanced airflow options. The icedmist airflow options with its two parallel honeycomb vents push warm air down into the sides of your tongue. This directs the warm moist air to the back of your throat and outta your mouth. The two front air ports with adjustable air flow options are also great at keeping your dry throat feeling fresh and clean without the iced mist. The wide open air slots on the sticker allow for easy airflow and cooling for your entire RDA.

The icedmist build deck is just like the original with two parallel honeycomb vents located on each side of the entire unit. The larger vent is on the bottom in between the side plates. The larger dead rabbit v2 logo on the side panel along with the original logo is what sets the original apart from the dead rabbit v2. The build deck has no space to print on so you have the option of putting a sticker on the side panel for customization purposes. The side plates are made of high quality glass with the iced mist logo etched in on a black plate.

If you love to vaporize and enjoy a smooth flavorful e-juice then you will love the dead rabbit rda. The rda is portable and easy to use with its rechargeable battery. Recharging the rechargeable battery takes just a few minutes and recharging the battery gives you over a hour of vaporizing time.

The RDA consists of two separate compartments for your coils and wicks. The two sections snap together with a magnetic clasp that helps keep everything together. The coils and wicks are all sold separately so you will need to purchase an extra coil or wick if you don’t have it. The overall size of the kit is 4 inches by 8 inches with a handle and a lip. The lid can be opened by pulling the magnetic clasp and can be closed using a key to maintain the tight fit.

The vaporizer comes complete with two original rabbit bottles with matching airflows. The first bottle has a larger air flow than the second bottle. The large bottle has a Honeycomb interior which helps to reduce the cold hit your throat feels with each hit. The large bottle helps draw in more air then the second bottle and helps you to take in more vapor then the original rabbit. You can store two original bottles in the freezer for emergencies. This kit is great for those who enjoy mixing different flavors.

The build deck allows you to easily change the airflow options for this electronic vaporizer. You can increase the airflow if you like a warm vapor or decrease the airflow if you would like a cool vapor. There are three extra airflow options in the dead rabbit v2. You can open up the side vent to allow a higher flow of vapor into your lungs and open the side vents to increase air flow to your mouth. Changing the build deck will increase the durability of your electronic device and make it more efficient.

The build deck on the rabbit v2 is well made and durable. It is also easy to clean. The vaporizer is perfect for enjoying fresh juices and throat choking mints. The original rabbit can be refilled with juice well so that you can enjoy fresh squeezed juices all day long.

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