Wotofo Profile Squonk VW Kit – A Review

Wotofo is one of the most popular systems in the market today. Wotofo has been around since the year 2021 and has been delivering excellent product at affordable prices. Wotofo is a manufacturer of personal water coolers and the latest innovation in their range is the Wotofo Profile RDA. The Wotofo Profile RDA is a revolutionary personal water cooler that gives you the ultimate choice of water-cooling technology, along with exceptional quality and performance.


The Wotofo Profile RDA is a dual mesh enclosure that accommodates the entire unit, including the jug, the pump, the aerator and the drip tray. Powered by the advanced honeycomb and rear airflow system with 3 ml capacity, which is ideal for direct spraying or squonking method. In terms of the variable wattage, you are able to decide your power requirement from low to high by simply adjusting the wattage. This is one of the best coolers on the market, especially for busy people who need to chill large quantities of water quickly.

Other remarkable features of this superb unit include built in electronic chips that help in auto regulation of the temperatures, so you need not bother about changing the temperature of the water. It has built in safety features that make it safe for kids, even you kid. In addition to this, the Wotofo Profile RDA also includes the innovative rebuildable dripping tap, which allows you to enjoy delicious juices without having to constantly worry about replacing the jug. Built in coils ensure that you get optimum flavor with every brew, and provides the user with the ability to customize the flavor profile as per their preference.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

The Wotofo PSR dual mesh area has been designed to ensure quick and reliable heating for any size home. It has pre-installed parallel squonks, so you need not worry about the replacement of the bottles. The pre-order feature of this wonderful device is another added advantage of the Wotofo PSR, so now you do not need to wait for the manufacturer to release date, and can enjoy hassle-free shopping for a perfect unit.

A good number of Wotofo users have expressed satisfaction over the quality of their fruit juice and freshly ground coffee. Many of them have shared that the smoothies taste great and are rich in taste. The user reviews of Wotofo’s pre-order program have been highly positive and the feedback from users has been glowing. The company has assured that the pre-order program of Wotofo will not disappoint and continues to stay on the leading edge.

The Wotofo PSR dual mesh mod is powered by a high wattage heater. The Wotofo Profile Squonk Box Mod has preinstalled parallel squonks, which makes this unit very convenient for the user. The two bottle capacity of the Wotofo PSR ensures that there is no problem of running out of juice while brewing. The Wotofo Profile Squonk Mod also has an automatic shut off feature, so there is no need to mess with the control settings while in use. The Wotofo Profile Squonk Box Mod is very lightweight and compact, so it is extremely easy to store.

The Wotofo PSR dual coil mod has a lot of advanced features that make it stand out among the competition. For example, the Wotofo Profile Squonk mod has a very strong battery indicator, which can be very helpful if you have any issues with the power or the life of your device. The Wotofo Profile Squonk also has two power settings, which are great if you don’t want to go all out. There is a middle setting which has been designed for users who prefer a medium amount of wattage. The best thing about the Wotofo Profile Squonk mod is the fact that it has a very useful safety alarm, which alerts you when the mod has reached its maximum temperature. It also shuts itself off when the heat gets too high, so you don’t have to worry about working the mod when it’s too hot.

The Wotofo Profile Squonk VW kit comes with a deluxe version of the original Squonk, along with two universal voltage adapter, a stainless steel dual screen bezel and a stainless steel adjustable side airflow with side zip door for easy leaks. The dual build system gives this mod a strong base. Although the build quality is on the lower end, this unit still has all the necessary features and functions to perform well. The ability to adjust airflow as needed is a great bonus as well as the exceptional battery indicator.

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